For our best-of-the-best employees, we have connected the HR expertise and IT Development to motivate them, fulfilling precisely those tasks they genuinely admire.
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Объединили экспертизу HR и IT Development, чтобы сотрудники занимались тем, что у них получается лучше всего
Product Benefits
This is the system namely working on employee effectiveness and companies with chatbot interface that involves integrated management tools
For HRs
Everyday task optimization and assistance with each work spheres-between recruiting and offboarding.
Work effectiveness boost is up to 10%, a dramatic improvement in the company attractiveness for all the employees (both current and future ones, so-to-say, applicants, particularly Z generation). Brand development of the socially-responsible entrepreneur and an innovative company as well.
For CEOs and Top Managers
For Employees
Getting a personal assistant within your company that cares for you and supports you with education issues. It is rather comfortable and cheery to communicate and receive answers to all your burning puzzles, in other words, to feel like a part of the big family.
Product Modules
The whole recruiting process - between application and the offer itself
The process automatization and the best experience for each employee
Employee Handbook
Any information that should be known by the employees
Corporate Culture
Communication, values discussion, behavior assessment
Absence Management
Vacations, business trips, sick leaves, and other absence forms
Knowledge base
The access to the essential work information, just a couple of clicks
Pulse surveys
To keep the eyes open and be aware of all the movements within the staff
Benefits Management
The list, applications, reports, reimbursement, questions and answers
Engagement Management
Staff involvement in the process of continuous perfection
Educational System Organisation for the company employees
Company Structure
A department description, the search and contacts of the employees
Service Desk
Dispatch service, application management, the quality assessment
Disengagement automatization process
Career Development
Development planning, an application for training, effectiveness assessment
Employee Awards Management
Performance Management
Setting targets, performance analysis, 1:1, assessment 360 and current results
Interaction with the system
Logs in, launches the function for the implementation
A task comes to the chatbot
Receives the results and current statistics on fulfilled tasks
Mikhail Pritula
HR Advisor, TOP HR industry expert
The Product Creator
He has combined personal experience in training the most up-to-date world methods on staff management for various companies-between nail salons and global, transnational companies, moreover, public bodies.
15 years in HR business
7 years in management positions
The author of HR competency model and HR audit standards

HR person of the 2018 year in Ukraine
Top 3 Digital HR of CIS
An author of the book

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